All images are subject to copyright. If you wish to use any photographs listed below, go to the Contact & Events page for author permission.

Below are photographs from author events, book covers, and graphics Thompson has designed. The Gallery is always being updated so check back often.

Gallery of Author Events

Thanks to Covid-19, a lot of author and book events were canceled in 2020. We hope 2022 and onwards will be a fresh start for Independent authors and artists. Check out the Contact & Events page for future book signing events.

Book Covers & Graphics

Below are book covers Thompson has designed for, not only himself but also for other authors and publishing houses. He presents a small sampling of the more than several dozen book covers and published graphics he has designed.

Past Publications

Below are some of the print publications that Thompson has been published within. Some of these titles are no longer available in print or e-books as publishers of these titles were prone to shuttering their doors at the end of the mid-2000s. Some titles are available in used condition but are often priced out of range beyond what is acceptable. Check out our Free Stories & E-books page for reading some of these hard-to-find stories. The samplings listed below do not include internet articles or e-zines.

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