From the Vaults

Author’s Note: Listed below are stories that I found gathering dust in the old writer’s ‘filing cabinet’. By ‘filing cabinet’, I mean these stories were extracted from five outdated computers. These computers have been in storage for a number of years. I still have plenty more, some that have never seen the lights of the publishing world, others have been published at one time or another. At one time, I was a dedicated sci-fi author, or at least, I wanted to be. But, as in all things, I drifted into the world of crime fiction mystery. I still write in most genres to this day. Future plans are to make a return to the world of sci-fi…eventually. I chose these stories to reprint here to showcase the wide range of genres that I love to write. I hope you enjoy them also.

Stories From the Vaults

My Love
(Philip Jose Farmer Riverworld Fan Fiction) Published 2002
Cold Hearts
Published by Runewright, Best Served Cold Anthology, 2011

In Night Waits the Hunter (Collaboration: Paul ‘Deadeye’ Dick), 2013
The Question Of God (Originally written in 2009, submitted to
Lascaux Flash Contest 2012)

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