New title in the works…again.

I keep getting side-tracked off into new projects. While sorting files on my old computers, I came across a number of scripts that have never been seen or published. I decided to give them a chance to see daylight along with other stories that have been published. I’m currently working on extensive edits to haveContinue reading “New title in the works…again.”

Casca Kindle Titles added to shop…

I’ve always been a pretty big Casca fan from all the way back in the early 1980s. It is because of this series I studied history a little more in-depth and came to appreciate the subject matter in each title. I am currently the cover designer for the ongoing series. I added the Casca KindleContinue reading “Casca Kindle Titles added to shop…”

Truck Stop is now available on Audible/ACX!

Want something diffrent to listen to? Give Truck Stop a shot! free US codes- 25free UK codes-25Moriarty, New Mexico is about as far as Logan Pierce got before the money and the El Camino gave out. He‘d hoped for a clean start in life as a field mechanic working for any company willing to payContinue reading “Truck Stop is now available on Audible/ACX!”