Welcome to the Official Homepage for New Mexico author John L. Thompson, where it is said his beautifully written prose can bring a tear to the eye…just kidding. He enjoys sharing his stories with readers and he recommends beginning your reading odyssey with his novel Truck Stop.

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Wells Fargo Armored murder suspect #1 in prone position, August 25,1994. Suspect shot and murdered Driver/Messenger Guard Jeff Oelcher on August 25, 1994 on Highway 6 Los Lunas, New Mexico.

The Wells Fargo Armored Murder on New Mexico Highway 6

***UPDATED: 1/30/2023***

On the Blog, we go in-depth on a murder approaching 29 years unsolved. Was it a botched robbery? Or was it something much worse?

It's a Lonely World: An Indie Author's Journey by New Mexico author John L. Thompson
It’s a Lonely World – An Indie Author’s Journey.

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Truck Stop novel by New Mexico author John L. Thompson.
Truck Stop

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Cold Hearts & Other Stories by New Mexico author John L. Thompson
Cold Hearts & Other Stories

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The Question Of God (Short Story written in 2009, submitted to Lascaux Flash Contest in 2012)
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