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Truck Stop - A New Mexico Crime Fiction Mystery

  • Moriarty, New Mexico, is about as far as Logan Pierce got before the money and the El Camino gave out. He‘d hoped for a clean start in life as a field mechanic working for any company willing to pay top dollar for his skills in the oil fields of West Texas. Low on funds and out of options, he begins a change of course in his mechanic career and takes a local job as a technician at Duggan's Truck Stop. The truck stop is a miniature city within a city that has all the luxuries for a home away from home feel for the over-the-road truck driver. Under it all, Logan discovers there is also a dark side, which people claim is operated by the Dixie Mafia. Then there is the persistent rumor that affiliates of the Mafia are looking for a quarter-million in missing cash skimmed from over a five-year time frame. The job was meant to be a temporary solution but that was before Amy Hauser entered the picture and presented him with additional problems. They want nothing more than to leave New Mexico for a new life, but then again…there’s that rumor of a quarter-million in missing mob cash. And Logan just may well have discovered where it’s hidden, but soon finds that some people want it more.

Cold Hearts & Other Stories

  • "Blown to hell...running down Hell's Highway with a jug of Jack, a bottle of pills, and a blood-soaked .45 automatic. That's how life ends up: running helter-skelter from the cops with a screaming broad in the trunk and a shot-to-hell corpse to keep her company. I smile, throw back the bottle, and suck in the burning amber fluid. I wouldn't have it any other way..." Thompson returns with a fistful of stories that delve deep into the world of Crime Fiction. Follow along the Hell's Highway of Thompson's vision of crime, women, evil men doing good things or vice-versa. The stories are fiction but they could well be real.

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