Dimensional Ruins

Prepare yourself as you enter into a landscape of death and destruction with little or no hope. Within these pages lay the often-violent musings of John L. Thompson who explores the vast terrains of Horror, Crime Noir, Science Fiction, and the Zombie Apocalypse. Visit the many characters who litter the wastelands. Stop and read about the retired old hit-man who takes up residence in a nursing home, a man’s fight to escape the real Hell, a man who believes his dog is his best friend, a serial killer who becomes the hunted along with a slew of many other unforgettable characters.

Within this tome of destruction is a wide collection of novellas and short stories written by John L. Thompson who has been described as a new and fresh voice in the fields of science fiction and crime noir literature. Thompson’s work includes all the elements of human destruction. He writes of revenge, sex, jealousy, and rage with a twisted flair. These stories have been collected and edited over a five-year time frame.


“An eclectic collection.”

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