Dead Guns Press

Launched in 2013 by John Thompson and M. Leon Smith, Dead Guns Press was a publication dedicated to crime fiction, detective, and mystery. The Hardboiled Collection was considered a premier independent publication dedicated to publishing stories from new or established authors with a promising storyline. DGP was known for putting forth the best crime collections on the market. After a solid ten-year run, DGP closed its doors in 2023 due to market changes. It was a good run while it lasted. Titles will still be made available on Amazon until next year. After that, there will be no more print editions or E-Books.

Dead Guns Press V4 published 2018
Hardboiled V4
Dead Guns Press Hardboiled Crime Scene 2014
Hardboiled V2
Dead Guns Press Hardboiled Dames and Sin published 2016
Hardboiled V3
Official Dead Guns Press logo.
Proposed Dead Guns Press Hardboiled cover for Volume Five.
Proposed Dead Guns Press Hardboiled Anthology
Proposed Dead Guns Press Magazine cover.
Proposed Dead Guns Press Magazine

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