Cold Hearts & Other Stories

Cold Hearts and Other Stories is a collection of short stories. New Mexico author John L. Thompson reaches into the forgotten vaults and presents his personal favorite modern crime fiction short stories from over the last ten years. Within this volume, the reader will explore some of the grittiest crime fiction stories to date.

– an old hitman living in a retirement home, is given one last job,
– a man who lusts for money and a woman soon finds the tables have turned,
– reliving the Iraq War can have profound effects on society,
– how far will one go to protect man’s best friend?
– revenge over a classic car.

These dark tales are just a few examples of what waits inside.

Book Trailer for Cold Hearts and Other Stories

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Download a copy here! This E-book title is only available through the author’s website! EPUB, MOBI, and PDF formats!

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