New title in the works…again.

I keep getting side-tracked off into new projects. While sorting files on my old computers, I came across a number of scripts that have never been seen or published. I decided to give them a chance to see daylight along with other stories that have been published. I’m currently working on extensive edits to have this collection of crime fiction stories available for the Pinto Bean Fiesta on September 28th here in Moriarty, NM. Stay tuned, my friends.

Writing Progress

I decided, at least once a month, to try and document my writing progress. Below are some of the writing projects I’m currently working on. As I look at this chart, I realize I got to get a move on Dead Blow. I have figured out an ending that is viable and I’m currently working toward that goal. It’s a Lonely World is complete and being worked over by several editors. I expect my butt-beating soon from them. According to my current stats, I’m sitting at 75%. Not sure if that is accurate, but I’ll try and dial all that in.

A New Title in the Works…

A new title is in the works. I know. I get side-tracked a lot these days, but this one was an important book I felt needed to be written. This one chronicles my walk through the world of self-publishing. In the last twenty years, I’ve had my ups and downs in the industry, but I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. Dead Blow, the final installment in the Truck Stop Series, is still in the works and currently being reedited, rewritten…you get the picture.

Look for It’s a Lonely World to be released either at the end of this month, or the beginning of next month.

New Short Stories….

It has been awhile since I’ve published any short stories. I believe writing short stories sharpens not only your writing skills, but adds a bit more on the publishing resume. I managed to sharpen my crime fiction quill once again and landed a couple gigs this month. One, story titled ‘Slim Jim‘ is up on at the Shotgun Honey house. I always liked the challenge of writing a 700 word story for them. Hit the link to read the story and while you’re there, check out the other stories by some of the best crime lit writers out there…

The next lineup is over that 10th Rule house. My story ‘Back to Paradise’ is crammed within the pages among some awesome and well-regarded writers. Even though the story is a work of fiction, there are some tid-bits of reality I witnessed during the late 1980s. Stay tuned for the release date…and finally….

…if you want to hear the playlist for this ass-kicking anthology, head on over to Spotify and give a listen to some of the songs mentioned within this powerhouse of an anthology.

Casca Kindle Titles added to shop…

I’ve always been a pretty big Casca fan from all the way back in the early 1980s. It is because of this series I studied history a little more in-depth and came to appreciate the subject matter in each title. I am currently the cover designer for the ongoing series. I added the Casca Kindle titles to the shop for this reason. Give them a go-through and collect a few for your reading time. While you’re at it, check out my Truck Stop titles.

A little peek into my day job…

I’ve had people ask about how I know so much about the inner workings as a diesel mechanic for my novel ‘Truck Stop’.

I work as a diesel mechanic for those that don’t know. The video below is courtesy of Juan Mendez, a great mechanic and a great boss I worked with, in the oilfields. As time goes along, I’ll provide a bit more in-depth vids on the profession.

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Truck Stop is now available on Audible/ACX!

Want something diffrent to listen to? Give Truck Stop a shot!

free US codes- 25free UK codes-25Moriarty, New Mexico is about as far as Logan Pierce got before the money and the El Camino gave out. He‘d hoped for a clean start in life as a field mechanic working for any company willing to pay top dollar for his skills in the oil fields of West Texas. Low on funds and out of options, he begins a change of course in his mechanic career and takes a local job as a technician at Duggan’s Truck Stop.
The truck stop is a miniature city within a city that has all the luxuries for a home away from home feel for the over-the-road truck driver. Under it all, Logan discovers there is also a dark side which people claim is operated by the Dixie Mafia. Then there is the persistent rumor that affiliates of the Mafia are looking for a quarter-million in missing cash skimmed from over a five-year time frame.
The job was meant to be a temporary solution but that was before Amy Hauser entered the picture and presented him with additional problems. They want nothing more than to leave New Mexico for a new life, but then again…there’s that rumor of a quarter-million in missing mob cash.
And Logan just may well have discovered where it’s hidden, but soon finds that some people want it more.

Monkey Wrench is now Available on Audible and the reviews are rolling in!

With the help of great narrator, Theo Holland, who did a magnificent job on Monkey Wrench, the reviews are now starting to roll in. The reviews are positive to date. I’m going to add a link below for anyone who wants a free copy of the Audible version of Monkey Wrench. All you have to do is click the link below and grab a copy!

Monkey Wrench Audio Book