A lone drifter in a world full of writers…

I was born in Tachikawa, Tokyo, Japan. I’ve roamed the world a couple times before coming back stateside in the early 1980s. Somewhere along the way in my adult life, I picked up the trade as a diesel mechanic.

Ten plus years ago, I picked up the poor man’s staff and began the long journey in becoming a writer and author. It’s been a long odyssey so far but the joy of writing has never left me. Over the years, I’ve had my stories and graphic art accepted in such publication as Yellow Mama, Shotgun Honey, and Runewright operated by Quincy J. Allen to name a few. As the years roll onward, I plan on publishing a few more books and stories.

Some decades ago I took up reading Barry Sadler’s Casca the Eternal Mercenary series. I collected every edition I could find up until Sadler’s untimely passing in 1989. Who would’ve thought that one day, I would be honored to design the book covers for the ongoing Casca series currently written by UK author Tony Roberts. Here’s a link to the current Casca website where you can buy the latest editions and explore this fascinating literary character.

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