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After finishing up four titles within the Hardboiled lineup for Dead Guns Press in 2018, I decided it was time for a break. Not only was I worn out working the oilfields, but I was also interested in writing my own novels. I never forgot the incredible stories that every contributor wrote for those anthologies either. I believe those anthologies will weather the hands of time reasonably well for a few decades into the future. Who knows…maybe some guy in a hundred years will be carefully reading a well-battered, yellowed copy he found in his grandparent’s garage or some old book store. Maybe some historian will be reading and cataloging those stories into some mega computer for future studies into the art and history of crime fiction/mystery stories of yesteryear. We just don’t know, do we?

Getting back to the point, I am tossing the proverbial hat back into the ring for another Hardboiled lineup. It has been four long years since the Dead Guns Press house has released any stories and there are valid reasons as to why. But we won’t dive too much into that other than to say, it was a long-overdue break for everyone involved.

We are cracking open submissions for another future Hardboiled anthology. Details and dates to be announced. The cover (below) is a work in progress and we are ironing out submission guidelines. As usual, as per our past guidelines over the years, we don’t do politics, we won’t publish any hint of it – never have. We also don’t publish any sexually explicit material either. There are a few other things also but essentially, we are looking for crime fiction and mystery stories that are timeless. More details will be forthcoming but I wanted to post this to let readers and authors know…we are coming back for another round. The best part? It will be a paying gig. So…write your best story. If you live out of the country, still feel free to submit a story. We are always on the lookout for crime fiction tales from across the pond and beyond.

Speaking of stories…we will be looking for articles, book reviews, and author interviews also.

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