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It has been a busy month, I figured it was time to give some updates to the site. Currently, I’m working on the shopping page and sorting pricing and check-out options, so be patient.

The latest news bit is my book ‘It’s a Lonely World’, hit number 1 on Amazon’s New Release just a few days ago. It has held the position for the better part of two days. The book is narrated by Andy Riel who has done a phenomenal job in bringing life to the book. I also managed to acquire a much-coveted five-star review from Book Promotion Library Blog. Let’s hope the book helps out some Indie-Authors looking for some motivation and help in completing their books.

The latest on any future book releases are as follows:

1- Dead Blow, the third and final book in the Truck Stop trilogy, is currently in progress again. I got side-tracked on releasing my books ‘It’s a Lonely World’ and ‘Cold Hearts’. The book is more or less complete with heavy revisions in progress. I’d like to have it completed by the end of the year, but the editors might have a differing view. I will be looking to release the book early next year.

2-Wrecking Ball- I’ve been toying with the idea of writing about my experiences working in the oilfields as a diesel mechanic. I have started on this book and might have it completed for mid to late 2022. It is several chapters in and also will have some interior artwork and maps that will help convey some of the storylines. I’m hoping that the writing of this book will be for some sort of historical value in the future. I have included the book cover artwork below that is currently in progress.

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