New Short Stories….

It has been awhile since I’ve published any short stories. I believe writing short stories sharpens not only your writing skills, but adds a bit more on the publishing resume. I managed to sharpen my crime fiction quill once again and landed a couple gigs this month. One, story titled ‘Slim Jim‘ is up on at the Shotgun Honey house. I always liked the challenge of writing a 700 word story for them. Hit the link to read the story and while you’re there, check out the other stories by some of the best crime lit writers out there…

The next lineup is over that 10th Rule house. My story ‘Back to Paradise’ is crammed within the pages among some awesome and well-regarded writers. Even though the story is a work of fiction, there are some tid-bits of reality I witnessed during the late 1980s. Stay tuned for the release date…and finally….

…if you want to hear the playlist for this ass-kicking anthology, head on over to Spotify and give a listen to some of the songs mentioned within this powerhouse of an anthology.

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