Casca: The Eternal Mercenary….

Currently, I am the cover artist/designer for Barry Sadler’s Casca The Eternal Mercenary series currently written by well-known UK author Tony Roberts. Check out his website at for further details. Here is the current cover for Casca: The Killer!

I don’t usually brag too much on anything, but I’ve been privileged and honored to be a part of a series that has continued to capture the imagination of military veterans and ordinary citizens alike for over the last several decades.

Published by John L. Thompson

John L. Thompson is a diesel mechanic by trade but prefers to be known as a writer by night. He is the author of Truck Stop, a crime fiction novel set within the world of diesel mechanics working at a truck stop in New Mexico. His literary works span the last two decades in the genres of science fiction, mystery, memoirs, and crime fiction. He is also the current cover designer for Barry Sadler’s ongoing Casca The Eternal Mercenary series (currently written by UK author Tony Roberts). When he is not writing, he can be found collecting old paperbacks or editing stories for the crime fiction publishing house Dead Guns Press. Thompson was born in Japan, traveled the world and the United States, before settling in New Mexico.

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